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These are the people that make sure that the Coastal Pirates Inline Hockey Club is run properly and ensure that the club's future looks bright.  A lot of time is dedicated to meetings and work behind the scenes, to ensure that our children are able to enjoy and excel  at this wonderful sport of inline hockey. 


Parham Lotfi


081 379 8999

Rookie on the job, Parham is filling in big shoes. He recently became a goalie and has already proved that he can take on shots...  His door is always open for any questions and inquiries. Enjoy the new adventure #19! 


Chrystal Salt


081 215 7725

Chrystal is the one that events just can't be done without, She has run the kitchen for a number of years now and is responsible for our roller disco success. Her son Neil is her motivation.  


Elzanne Wylie

Legal Eye

081 228 6690

Elzanne is mom to a feisty defence player and felt it was time to get involved.  She will jump in where needed and fill in the gaps.


Cornelius de Koning

Vice Chairperson

081 124 7603

Why have only one lawyer on the committee if we can have two?  Cornelius is an old hand at this gig and we are very grateful to him for joining us at the table and bringing along his vast experience and expertise. 


Zanelle Cloete

Events & Kitchen

081 284 0198

Organisation is her middle name (her children's hockey bags are testament to that).  Zanelle will be the third leg of the event potjie pot.


Handri Loubser

Master Chef

081 892 7844

If you thought our menus were great at our events, wait until Handri adds her personal touch. She is an amazing chef and we cannot wait for her to share all her skills with the Coastal Pirates family.


Charlotte Taylor


081 401 6448

She is not only a number genius, she is the mother of a great little hockey player, an awesome runner, bike rider and much more... In any sport she is a queen and she will rock at being CP's new treasurer.


Helgo Lange

Events & Bar

081 129 2744

Part of the furniture already and known for his mean chocolate mousse, Helgo is finally part of the committee team and will take on the event challenge.


Lucia van der Walt


081 400 8088

We all need workerbees like her to help on a committee. Lucia is efficient, determined and will get the job done. We call her "Super Mario" for a reason. She is also an awesome mother of two, a super goalie and player! 


Yasmine Hanafi-Lotfi


081 785 0764

In her role as secretary and designer extraordinaire, Yasmine likes to keep her finger on the pulse of the club.  When she's not playing for the LM team or helping in the tower, she can be found cheering for her two kids.


Jason Roberts

Maintenance & Rules

081 332 7940

Masters player for  more years than one can count, Jason is also a goalie dad and long-term club supporter.   He knows which way the wind blows - and how to connect wires.

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