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These are the people that make sure that the Coastal Pirates Inline Hockey Club is run properly and ensure that the club's future looks bright.  A lot of time is dedicated to meetings and work behind the scenes, to ensure that our children are able to enjoy and excel  at this wonderful sport of inline hockey. 


Sybille Gregory


081 259 2319

Mom of two avid hockey players and fiercely passionate about all things Coastal Pirates, this is Sybille's 3rd year as the chairperson.  Her door is always open, for young and old.


Chrystal Salt

Events & Kitchen

081 215 7725

Chrystal is the one that events just can't be done without, She has run the kitchen for a number of years now and is responsible for our roller disco success. Her son Neil is her motivation.  


Elzaan Wylie

Legal Eye

081 228 6690

Elzaan is mom to a feisty defence player and felt it was time to get involved.  She will jump in where needed and fill in the gaps.


Benjamin Osbahr

Vice Chairperson

081 380 7792

And just like that it feels like Benny has been back forever and the time has come for him to take on a more prominent roll. Benny doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.  


Zanelle Cloete

Events Wingwoman

081 284 0198

Organisation is her middle name (her children's hockey bags are testament to that).  Zanelle will be the third leg of the event potjie pot.


Stephanus Nel

Dev.  Kids & Maintenance

081 112 7364

Both his sons play the game, so Stephanus is more than happy to lend a helping hand where he can.  He'll look after our development kids and deals with Brian's wheels.


Eveline Justinussen


081 129 1789

Treasurer of the club for a number of years, Eveline is always happy to help where ever she can.  Mom to a goalie like no other and a very loyal supporter.


Helgo Lange

Events Wingman

081 129 2744

Part of the furniture already and known for his mean chocolate mousse, Helgo is finally part of the committee team and will take on the event challenge.


Jakkie van der Walt

Maintenance & Finances

081 256 4947

Last but by no means least is Jakkie, who is the only one here who can say that his ENTIRE family plays for Pirates!  He'll do whatever needs to get done.


Yasmine Hanafi-Lotfi


081 785 0764

In her role as secretary and designer extraordinaire, Yasmine likes to keep her finger on the pulls of the club.  When she's not playing for the Ladies Masters temm, she can be found cheering for her two kids.


Jason Roberts

Maintenance & Rules

081 332 7940

Masters player for  more years than one can count, Jason is also a goalie dad and long-term club supporter.   He knows which way the wind blows - and how to connect wires.

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