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These are the people that make sure that the Coastal Pirates Inline Hockey Club is run properly and ensure that the club's future looks bright.  A lot of time is dedicated to meetings and work behind the scenes, to ensure that our children are able to enjoy and excel  at this wonderful sport of inline hockey. 


Sybille Gregory


081 259 2319

Mom of two avid hockey players and fiercely passionate about all things Coastal Pirates, this is Sybille's 2nd year as chairperson.  She'll continue her focus on club spirit, growth  and good communication 


Yasmine Hanafi-Lotfi

Joint Secretary & Beginners

081 785 0764

Yasmine is new to the team, but not new to the club.  The Lotfi family has fallen for the sport AND the club hook, line and sinker.  Yasmine will focus on the Beginners, development players and our social media.


Dirk Oosthuizen

Sponsorship & Planning

081 300 7292 

Dirk is looking forward to doing his bit towards a brighter Pirates future and will focus on long term planning and finding sponsors.  All three of his sons play the game.


Ingrid Laporte

Vice Chairperson

081 129 4744

Ingrid is currently serving her third two-year term on the committee and she's the one who gets things done when they need to get done.  Proud mom of two national inline hockey players.


Angelique Punzul

Kitchen & Events

081 310 5876

Angelique remains the youngest member on the team and is serving her third year.  She's joining forces with Chrystal on events  and the tournament kitchen. She plays for Ladies Masters herself.


Benjamin Osbahr

Finances & Planning

081 380 7792

Recently returned Pirate, Benny didn't hesitate to jump right into the deep end and join the committee after just a few weeks back - he's a very welcome addition!  Benny will be involved with finances, planning, Council and more.


Eveline Justinussen


081 129 1789

Treasurer of the club for a number of years.  Eveline is always happy to help where ever she can.  Mom to a number of hockey players and a very loyal supporter.


Chrystal Salt

Kitchen & Events

081 215 7725

Chrystal may be new to the committee, but she isn't new to working her butt off for the club, having run the kitchen for a number of years already.  She'll also be in charge of events together with Angelique.


Stephanus Nel

LTS, Planning & Set-Up

081 112 7364

Both his sons play the game, so it was time for Stephanus to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in.  He can be found rink-side during LTS and will be involved in planning, tournament set-up and act as Dome liaison to name but a few.

Karin (2).jpg

Karin Schulte

Joint Secretary & Planning

081 256 4947

Karin has decided to take on the job of secretary as well as the challenge of becoming the latest inline hockey player in her clan all in one go.  Karin lives for a challenge.


Jason Roberts

Player Rep & Sports Officer

081 332 7940

Masters player for  more years than one can count, Jason is also a goalie dad and long-term club supporter.   He's taken on the role of player rep and sports officer as well as joining the tournament set-up team.


Jakkie van der Walt

Maintenance, Finances etc

081 256 4947

Last but by no means least is Jakkie, who is the only one here who can say that his ENTIRE family plays for Pirates!  In similar style, he's put up his hand for many roles, just so we know for sure:  He's ALL IN!

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